Growth Mindset and the POWER of YET

Dr. Dweck talking about the power of Not Yet is very optimistic and inspiring. For me YET should be included in every educator’s learners toolbox, it is indeed inspiring that in every situation or challenge, there is still an opportunity to make up, catch up and be better. I myself am guilty of not pushing my potential or thinking that I am not good enough, or that this is all I can give. Watching the videos and reading the book makes me realize that I should be open in every opportunity, and really start setting myself in a growth mindset. Remind me of the third step that when I think of I CAN’T DO IT, I should ALWAYS add YET.

I have students that doubt themselves, thinking that they will not make it, whether it is in sports or academics. I have students that compare themselves to others, that others are better than them, It is sad, but as always I tried to comfort and encourage them that they can do it and be good. Thus, learning this golden word YET will be added to my teacher’s toolbox and ready to be mentioned as it is needed to inspire my students.

Indeed, having a Growth Mindset contributes to being open-minded, a person can handle feedback constructively and use it as a challenge to be better. Personally, I can proudly say that I am open to criticism, evaluations, and suggestions. I always believe that feedbacks are an opportunity for growth.

fixed vs growth

Looking up at the diagram, it is very clear that one having a Growth Mindset can reach the maximum potential of an individual and be successful. As I reflect on it, I have some characteristics that still fall under the Fixed Mindset, which I know I need to change, in order for me to be able to help myself and be a better educator. Through this, I can be a great mentor to my students, and help them be successful and ready to face any challenges. Then I can proudly say that I’ve done my job as an educator.

Dweck, C. (2016). Mindset: the new psychology of success. Random House.

One thought on “Growth Mindset and the POWER of YET

  1. I think you are so right about the growth mindset practice being a part of every educators’ toolbox. I wonder if it could be looked at like all the other instructional strategies and pedagogies we already talk about in education?

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