COVA : Learning Authentically

The COVA(Choice, Ownership, Voice, and Authentic Learning) learning speaks to me well. As a learner, this strategy is a unique approach; this approach challenges me and excites me simultaneously. I like to think that I am doing my best in all my work, and owning my work and being recognized for doing it is an achievement for me. Dweck teaches us all to have a Growth Mindset; as a learner, I would like to learn in any opportunities that I have and to learn from my mistakes and move forward.

My innovation proposal incorporates blending learning, flipped classroom, and project-based learning as my strategies for my student engagements. I believe that COVA will apply to all these strategies, making my students responsible, engaged, own, and design their learnings. The challenge that I can see is that a learner should be disciplined enough to allot time to their learnings, as it is easy to lay back with the thought that the materials are readily available online. One thing that I struggle with is the quality of my work, I would like it to be perfectly done and I found myself working 14-17 hours straight to do research. I find time to collaborate with my classmates and help as much as I can. I think it made me a better learner and educator as well.

One of the great things about COVA is personalization learning, as learners are different individuals, learners also have different absorption of learning, and COVA addresses that issue.

I have not done an ePortfolio but I believe that using this tool is very beneficial to a learner, as it contains all the evidence of my work. It will also cater to sharing my knowledge with others. I will definitely use different multimedia in creating mine.


Harapnuik. (2021, January 8). Applied Digital Learning.

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