Growth Mindset: A Key to continuous Learning

Upon reading in-depth Carol Dweck’s Mindset, The New Psychology of Success, speaks to me and made me realize that I have a lot to learn in order for me to achieve a Growth Mindset. I always praise my students and tell them that they can do anything, but now I am realizing that I need to do further than that, I have to make sure that yes an effort had been made, yes an assignment had been made, but now it makes me wonder, did it challenge them to do more. I always try to inspire my students with a “You can do it” attitude, for them to try until they succeed. But upon reflecting on this book, I realize that I myself is lacking a Growth mindset. There are things that I did not do or push through because I think that I am not good enough, that sometimes I am scared of a challenge and failure. The best strategy mentioned in the book is to name my fixed mindset so that whenever I feel it emerging, I can call it out and refocus on my growth mindset. Thus, I should be open to more challenges, accept failures, learn, and be better.

UDL(Universal Design Learning and personalized learning is very important, As an educator, I know that every single student is different when it comes to learning, and I have to try every possible way to connect to my student’s learning. In UDL, the what, the how and the why or equally important to know as it all collaborates on how an individual learns. I have to be able to pinpoint where the disconnect of learning happens. Knowing what was missing in the process will help me better understand and teach them individually.

The greatest challenge that I had last year was dealing with a fixed curriculum, I have to find ways to make it work so that my students will understand the lesson, be able to present it, and make the topic interesting. With the use of the internet and search engine, it is easier for me to find assistance with my content, education videos on youtube, and education articles. With that being said, It is going to be the same challenge that I will deal with this coming year, my wild goal is to incorporate blended learning with the help of our school LMS(Schoology) and utilize other educator tech apps. I would like to give my students real-time feedback that will help them to be successful.

I still have a long road to take when it comes to my career and personal development, but I would like to start shifting my fixed mindset, my false growth mindset to a growth mindset. I want to make a difference to every people(colleagues and students) that I will meet and hopefully inspire them to reach for their highest potential in life and in learning.


Dweck, C. (2016). Mindset: the new psychology of success. Random House. 

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