Concepts of Educational Technology

In this course, I dive into a more profound learning concept. I got introduced to and learned the importance of the Growth mindset. Carol Dwecks’ growth mindset theory was an eye opener to me, as it gave me a better aspect of learning. With the growth mindset thinking, I am embracing mistakes as this is the way to learn. I may not know it yet, but in time I will.


As I have studied Dwecks’ philosophy, please check out my Growth Mindset Plan. I would like to apply this to my students, and I would like to model it for them. I would like them to understand that Failure is always an opportunity to grow.

My Learning Manifesto showcases my passion and my beliefs about education. I believe that everybody has a right to education. With my love to share learning, collaboration with professional learning networks  and my learning reflections was significant to me. It leads me to acquire additional wisdom. Hence, every day is an opportunity to learn.