Disruptive Innovation : Future of Education

There is a saying that change is constant, it is inevitable, it is a way of life. Change is vital for the improvement of one’s success or ideas. If the ways or processes are not adaptable to the current situation, a change is a must in order for us to catch up with our surroundings or environment. Sir Kent Robinson mentioned Education needs to be reformed, it needs to be revolutionized, and it needs to be transformed into something else. And, with the use of technology and great teachers, we will be able to customize each individual learning. As launched and explained by Horn, Disruptive Innovation such as Blended Learning is an excellent innovation that caters to different formats of learning that can be offered towards the individual needs of a student.

As a technology teacher blended learning really helps me reach out to my students, lessons, exams, and lectures are readily available even if they will not show up to my class. I know that there is still room for improvement with the use of different learning management system, as some of them does not cater to individual learning. But I am optimistic that these hiccups will be solved with the changing technology and reconstruction of instruction and curriculums, with the help of our educators and administrations.

Currently, my school district would like to offer Computer Science and promote it to our students. I am looking forward to fulfilling that role this coming school year. With that being said I will have the opportunities to explore different styles of blended learning and learn and teach coding programs.

I believed that changes in the educational system will be effective if all the people involved are willing to embrace and accepts Disruptive Innovations and consider that not every student learns the same way and in the same phase.


Horn, M. B., Staker, H., & Christensen, C. M. (2015). Blended: Using disruptive innovation to improve schools. Jossey-Bass. 

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