My Contribution to my Learning and My Learning Community__

EDLD 5389(Developing Effective Professional Learning) – 95/100

EDLD 5318(Instructional Design in Online Learning) – 95/100

As I continued my journey for this Master’s program, I was scared and hesitant that I won’t be successful in these classes. My work as a teacher was more hectic. Still, it did not help that I had to prepare for four different classes and attend school competitions, such as SKILLS USA and UIL(University INterscholastic league) were eating up my extra time. that I would not have enough time for my school work.  It is crazy that I stay late at work almost every day. But I know in my heart I have to keep forward; taking my classes and finishing my master’s is a gift for myself. Whenever I lose motivation, I think of my daughter and push forward, as I want to be her role model. I also look at the program ADL(Applied Digital Learning) and visualize myself finishing the assigned classes. Thus, with dedication, perseverance, and collaboration with my classmates, I could go through it. I put time and effort into all my assigned activities and assignments.

Reflecting on my learning and contributions to my learning community in both EDLD 5389 and EDLD 5318, I recognize that I met most of the key and supporting contributions and still have room for growth and improvement. As much as I can, I answer my classmates’ questions or any help I can offer. I finished all my modules, assignments, and discussions on time. I take the lead and answer questions during discussions. I share resources to help my classmates. I was present in all of the online meetings for both classes(5389 and 5318), and I tried my best to help out my classmates that missed the meetings. Please check out the evidence of collaboration, meetings, and communication with my learning community.  These classes honed my collaboration skills, and these groups have been the center of communication and support for my classmates and me. As much as I can, I make sure that I offer help, answer questions, and give feedback and insights whenever it’s needed. I joined and tried to be present and attend. I collaborated with Dawn Short, Valary Patterson, Patrick Rodriguez, Ashleigh Carter, and Shay Mcdonald. I sometimes collaborate with Veronica Goodly, Adrianne Ortiz, Krissi Sabhhani, and Janice Lewis.

Both my professional learning and instructional design assignments were the product of the methodology of COVA. I believe that it molds me to be a better learner and educator. This approach is evident in my choice of professional learning and instructional design.

Overall, I am proud of myself for the contributions I made and my learning community, I thought I couldn’t finish the courses, and yet it is almost done, and I am down to my two last classes, and I am very excited to attend the graduation ceremony in May,

Moreover, I am looking forward, and I will continue collaborating with my professor and classmates to provide and seek assistance. I will continue working hard, knowing that sacrifices are the beginning of success. I look forward to more learning and collaboration. 

Lastly, I would like to thank Dr. Bellard and Dr. Bedard for providing me and my classmates support throughout the courses and allowing me the freedom of my authentic learning. I am truly reaping the benefits of the CSLE+COVA approach this program takes. I am very excited, and I am looking forward to my next adventure!


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