My Why, How and What?

My Why

I believe that Computer Science classes in high school can be successful and it is for everyone.

My How

To do this, I would like to create significant learning environments that will give my

students’ choice, ownership, voice, and, authentic learning experiences, by

incorporating  student engagement strategies such as blended learning, flipped

classrooms, and project-based learning.

My What

I will prepare my learners to display a growth mindset that computer science is not

hard if they are willing to put in the effort and embrace mistakes. Through COVA

methodology, students will have real-world experience in algorithms, analytical

thinking, website designs, and coding.


Change is hard, people always resist change. “We hear it often, we say it often, and we end  up believing it. Nevertheless, change is something we also desire and strive for. Whether the change involves abandoning a bad habit, developing a new skill, or making a big life change, we have all experienced the desire to make a change in our lives” (Tsaousides, 2020). This is the first year that we are launching computer science classes, and my admin would like more enrollees in computer science classes in which I have proposed my Innovation plan, my idea is to make the class more engaging, content is available anytime, and use project-based learning to express their choice, voice, ownership and authentic learning. With the use of these strategies, I will be able to make the student like the class and eventually take more computer science classes later on and spread the news to their classmates. As John Kotter mentioned in his “Heart of Change,” video, change comes from reaching the hearts and minds of those within an organization (2011). Furthermore, with these changes comes money as we needed to purchase thirty sets of a computer with the right specification to cater to the curriculum that I will use for this class. My administrator agreed to buy those as we have the same goal to push computer science classes in the high school. The aspect of change and the sense of urgency placed upon something is more likely to succeed when a common understanding is established of the need for change (Kotter, 2013). 

“Win over the hearts and minds, and the better it will work out.”

John Kotter

Furthermore, I would like to help my students develop their growth mindset students think that computer science is hard but I believe that it is for everyone as long as they put in the effort and embrace mistakes. I believe that everyone can learn and that computer science is not hard, Carol Dweck teaches us that students can learn if provided with the optimum opportunities and learning conditions. Because of brain plasticity, learners can grow through challenges to learn new concepts and skills (Dweck, 2016). Hence, I would like to personally practice and use my growth mindset to show my students that mistake is part of learning and it is how we learn. I would like to build connections with my student and help him to be successful in our computer science classes. It is with great hope that through their experience, students will enroll in more computer science classes or tell their friends to join the class, as we are planning to offer more computer science classes in years to come. Successful computer science classes mean successful students.


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