Usability Testing Overview and Reflection

The goal for this course was to go through the stages of design, implementation, and usability to develop a blended learning course for an audience of my choosing.  With my innovation plan in mind, I have created a blended learning instructional design to showcase a unit in a computer science class: web design and development.

And this is my journey….

Designing My Course

Please check out the process of the overview of my instructional design. I referenced my three-column table, Universal design template, and TEKS(Texas Education Knowledge skills for computer science.

Implementing My Course

Please check out my web design and development course that I have put together using schoology.

Testing My Course

Finally, I shared my course with my students and coordinator to get feedback on content, design, and usability. Please check out the below video for my users’ feedback and my course reflection.

Each stage gave me a chance to learn and push myself to have a better instructional design that I know will be useful not just for me but for my co-teachers and my students’ learning.


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