Synthesis of Digital Learning & Leadership

Take a journey with me as I evaluate, analyze, and synthesize all key aspects and components of my Applied Digital Learning program; it has contributed to my development as a digital learner and leader, and I hope to offer some inspiration.




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In each course that I took from my ADL(Applied Digital Learning) program, I had the opportunity to grow professionally and personally; I can say that I have evolved as a better educator. I am more comfortable and brave in learning different kinds of digital learning tools, and I am excited to learn them all, utilize them, and apply them in my classes. In my own experience, all my classes complimented each other learnings. It is blended and is all necessary components of my innovation.

EDLD 5305 Disruptive Innovation in Education: This course was the start; it gave me a new understanding of what disruptive means in terms of innovation. I started my innovation plan in this course by submitting my letter to my admin. I have to back up my proposal with numerous studies and create my literature review; it is necessary to prove the effectiveness and importance of my proposed plan. My next step was to plan my Implementation Outline thoroughly; creating my implementation outline was challenging as I had to involve other departments in my plan.

EDLD 5302 Concepts of Educational Technology: This course was an eye-opener for me; I thought that I had a growth mindset, but learning the differences between growth and fixed mindset made me think that I need to be more open-minded and carry my plan for a growth mindset to be a better version of myself.  In addition, I have declared the learning manifesto that will guide me through my subsequent phases of learning.

EDLD 5303 Apply Educational Technology-EPortfolio: In this course, I started learning how to create my E-Portfolio; it was a nerve breaking and exciting at the same time. The  EDLD 5303(Applying Educational Technology) allowed me to express myself. Dr. Harapnuik provides me with a choice to decide on my portfolio; he let me express my own voice, be authentic, and, most importantly, own my learning(COVA).  I challenged myself to write blogs and also list books that assisted me with my innovation plan.

EDLD 5313 Creating Significant Learning Environments(CSLE): In this course, I learned that creating a significant learning environment does not mean you will have a clean and organized classroom, but it is more profound than that; it is how to provide my students an environment that is engaging and will result in deeper learning.  CSLE is built upon the foundation of my learning philosophy; I also need to know how I can align my outcomes, activities, and assessment by creating my three-column table.  Another method I learned was to develop my UBd Template Understanding by Design; Wiggins and McTighe argue that backward design is focused primarily on student learning and understanding. Finally, I revisited and revised my growth mindset.

EDLD 5304 Leading Organizational Change: Leading an organizational change can be challenging; in my experience, being a leader for fourteen years does not make it easier. Now that I am embarking on my journey toward education and leading my innovation plan, there are challenges along the way. I am blessed to have had a journey in this class, as it equipped me to be readier and learn great tools for my journey. I have developed my influencer strategy, the 4dx- model, and how to be self-directed and handle crucial conversations; these strategies are needed to convince my administration of my innovation.

EDLD 5317 Resources for Digital Environments: This course was exciting for me; each task that I did in this course flourished my digital toolbox, from podcasting to publication and peer-review, I find myself experiencing more collaboration, which will have a continued effect as a student extending my professional role. It was a fantastic accomplishment to create a publication and inspire others.

EDLD 5389 Developing Effective Professional Development: This course has been an incredible journey; it has given me a new perspective on what Professional Learning (PL) should be and the strategies to design an effective one. This course has given me the tools I needed to develop a prototype example of what a “go-and-show” model of professional learning could look like. Gulamhussein(2013)  shared the five fundamental principles of effective professional learning; using those strategies, I developed professional learning that I can use to help my colleagues.

EDLD 5318 Instructional Design in Online Learning: The goal for this course was to go through the stages of design, implementation, and usability to develop a blended learning course for an audience of my choosing.  With my innovation plan in mind, I have created a blended learning instructional design to showcase a unit in a computer science class: web design and development. Before presenting my design to my coordinator, I also develop usability feedback for my students and admin. I am beyond excited to share my work with my colleagues, and I hope it can help them and inspire them simultaneously.

EDLD 5315 Assessing Digital Learning and Instruction: This course equipped me with an Action Research Plan; action research is an excellent method for me as a teacher, as I can assess myself based on classroom results. Being effective in education is about much more than designing a good lesson and knowing how to improve myself. In this course, I created my second literature review; it took me more than a week to finally put them together, as I have chosen forty studies to study and learn. But it was worth all the effort, as my innovation has abundant studies to support its success.

EDLD 5320 Synthesis of Applied Digital Learning: This course has been an incredible opportunity to revisit the learning and work that I have completed. WOW! What an accomplishment!  I feel proud of myself that I could do these amazing learnings. I am beyond grateful that I have my Eportfolio to refer to; I OWN THIS! I hope all the research and study I have created here will help and inspire others.



There is no way I will be able to make it on my own, I am thankful for my peers’ support, and It has been a wonderful experience. Please find how I collaborated with my classmates and contributed to my learning and learning community.