Resources for Digital Environments

I have been introduced to COVA(Choice, Ownership, Voice, and Authentic) methodology from the first class that I took. The COVA methodology was my guide in creating the needed assignment in this course and allowed me to share my voice with a larger community.  Each task that I did in this course flourished my digital toolbox, from podcasting to publication and peer-review, I find myself experiencing more collaboration, which will have a continued effect as a student extending my professional role. Please check out my journey on this course:

My Article Publication

Check out my journey in creating my Digital Publication, from my outline, to a rough

draft that has peer review and to my final publication,  me and my team members

devoted time to check out each publication. I am excited to share this

publication with the world, as I would like my fellow educators to learn and use the

information that I have researched.

My Media Podcast

Podcasting provides an opportunity to share ideas through a form of digital

discussion, I have created a video with infographics to promote my idea to the

world. Kindly check how I delivered and enticed my audience.

My Readings and Reflections

Please check out the books that I have read and currently reading to enhance my

knowledge of student engagement activities for my computer science classes. Also,

check out the references that I have mentioned in my publication research as it has

a lot of resources that may help you to promote student engagement activities in

your classes. Moreover, please read my reflection on my learning journey.


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