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As I move forward with my learning in the Applied Digital Learning program, CSLE(Creating Significant Learning Environment and COVA(Choice, Ownership, Voice, and Authenticity) were the most influential methods to me; CSLE and COVA principles make a huge difference in how engaged you are with the content. The ADL program is built on CSLE + COVA principles (creating significant learning environments and choice, ownership, and voice through authentic learning opportunities). You can learn more about those principles here (Harapnuik, n.d.). With that being said, my innovation plan is to incorporate student engagement activities in computer science classes to offer a meaningful and significant learning environment and showcase COVA methodology too. Check out my publication outline;  Thus, in my publication rough draft, you will find my research that indeed these student engagement activities are effective. Kindly check out my media pitch promotion:

Please find the list of the references that I use for my article in CSTA(Computer Science Association Texas).


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