Planning the Alternative PL Assignment

During our class meeting for this class, last Monday, Feb 13, 2023, there needed to be more clarity and ideas on what professional development we can create, promote, and share with our fellow teachers. I got so many ideas and was lost in the waves of my thoughts. But one thing that stood out for me was when Dr. Bedard mentioned creating professional development is sharing what you are already doing. My brain had clicked, and I had my ah-hah moment.

I am my school representative for DTAC(District Technology Assistant Council), and part of my job is to address digital learning issues and concerns. I notice that teachers’ most common problems and questions are about using our learning management system(Schoology) and skyward(school grading system).

I know these questions and uncertainty exist as I had the same experience when I started as a teacher. I had three professional development days when I began teaching, including learning Schoology and skyward. They made me come to the room, gave me a copy of the handout, and then the instructional coach showed me how to do it. After an hour of professional development, I left the room trying to figure out how to do it in the classroom. I have my notes, talking to myself, “I can remember.” I have not received any follow-up or any support after the training. Hence, I tried to learn independently and asked old-timer teachers how to use these systems.

“We often ask questions about how students learn, but not how teachers learn” Gulamhuissen(2013). Using the five principles, Gulamhuissen created, I can produce effective professional development to help my fellow teachers. I know teachers need a lot for their toolbox, but for now, I would like to focus on the common issues reported to me for DTAC. I want to develop professional development for new teachers or veteran teachers that need a refresher course for Schoology and skyward. Hence I would like to start in my department, CTE(Career and Technical Education). Hopefully, soon, I can share my professional development with other grade-level teachers or the content department. I want to call my professional development “Teachers ToolBox 101” These sessions will be part 1 of my Teachers Toolbox 101, as I will surely add professional developments as needed. As a lifelong learner, I also share the belief of Gulamhuissein that professional development should be ongoing.





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