Installing 4DX Model in my Organization

The 4 Disciplines Of Execution Summary - Four Minute Books

The 4 Disciplines of Execution by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling specifically outlines several disciplines, rules, and strategies that can bring about significant, successful, and innovative change in an organization. Although successful stories are about business, 4DX strategies can also apply in educational settings as well. 4DX provides a framework for how to achieve wildly important goals, and what to do when you encounter the inevitable resistance to change that will come in the execution. 

Here is my 4DX Model

McChesney, et al., (2021), the 4DX model gives leaders of leaders and leaders of frontline teams the tools they need in order to bring about true change and results in their organization. Moreover, in Section 2, the Stages of Change are outlined for installing the 4DX with a team.

Here are my Five Stages of Change

 Influencer Model vs 4DX Model

As I have the privileged to learn, study and use both methods, I can confer that both of them are useful in measuring goals and have their individual characteristics.  4DX has a very specific structure that must be supported by the leader and team contribution matters which eventually transforms into habitual after monitoring the progress and making shifts. Furthermore, the 4DX  model gave me the tools I need to create and react to the behavior changes needed to bring about true results. On the other hand, the Influencer model takes into account all of the various elements that can support or hinder change, progress, and innovation.  I plan to use both models and I am sure it will help me to implement my innovation plan successfully.


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