COVA Reflection & Application

I began my journey on this degree last summer, and it is exciting to think that I am almost done; I was looking for a degree that will enhance my passion for teaching and my love for technology. ADL (Applied Digital Learning) program was the perfect combination for me.  Although I am certain that I like to take this program, I am a bit skeptical since it is online; I am scared that I won’t comprehend the learnings and end up not passing or completing the program. My first class was with Dr. Bedard; It was Disruptive Innovation in Education and Concepts of Educational Technology.  My first assignment was to create an innovation plan, and I had no idea how I would create mine; I was scared that it would not be good enough. Aside from Dr. Bedard’s assistance in helping me understand my assignments, I found my group of ADL friends and classmates I collaborated with. I made it through; my collaboration group has always been supportive, and we were able to help and support each other.

All the classes I have taken were challenging, yet they molded me to be a better educator and have a better perspective on teaching.  When I took my two classes, it was the beginning of creating my E-portfolio; I was introduced to the COVA approach and CSLE, these approaches were so interesting to me as I am a CTE teacher teaching computer science, and they gave me more broad perception on how I am going to make my classroom successful using the same COVA methodology and showcasing CSLE. and it is sweet as I can experience these approaches as a student. 

Understanding my class environment, my classmates came from different backgrounds, and our professors were very vocal in promoting our authentic learning; Dr. Harapnuik would always say, “To whom is this learning for? is this mine? or is this yours?”,  creating an innovation plan will be the beginning of it. The learning started as vague, but as days went by and as I continued my journey, I saw the clear path that has been provided for me in this program. Creating my innovation proposal and implementation outline and incorporating my growth mindset plan were the first steps towards convincing my admins to allow me with my innovation project. Approaching and selling my big plan to my coordinator was difficult and intimidating. But learning Dweck’s growth mindset, I, too, shall adhere to having a growth mindset. As I continued learning, I was equipped with my learning philosophies, learning environments, and professional development needs. These learning opportunities that have been given to me will help me push my innovation plan to work and be successful.

“Ancora Imparo – I am still learning.” – Michael Angelo.

My learning philosophy has never changed “Education is for everyone,” and “I am still learning.” Thus, I have evolved so much as a learner and as a teacher.  Learning is a growing experience, a process, and failures are a part of it; embrace the new learnings and be excited about them.  My students are doing project-based learning and will use COVA methodology and CSLE to express their learning.

I now feel empowered to be an influencer in my organization. I can share my instructional design for my innovation plan and conduct professional development for the teachers that want to learn and apply my design. I am willing to assist my fellow co-teachers in helping and supporting them and be able to share the new culture of learning. Moreover,  I can provide professional development training to support my organization’s needs. I am sure these resources will significantly assist in bringing the CSLE, and COVA approaches to my organization.

Moving forward, I will be an agent of change as I continue to create significant learning(CSLE) and use COVA(choice ownership, voice, and authentic learning) with my students and colleagues. I believe everybody can learn, and mistakes and errors are part of learning; I would like to be a lifelong learner and inspire my students and colleagues to be one. As I bring my organization to change, I know it won’t be easy, traditional teachers and fixed mindset colleagues will be a challenge, but I hope to inspire them by sharing my learnings and e-portfolio. By sharing my resources, I hope they will see that CSLE and COVA approach works, and I will be a testament to that.


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