EDLD 5303(Applying Educational Technology Portfolio) – 95/100

EDLD 5313(Creating Significant Learning Environment) – 95/100

As I continue my journey for this Master’s program, I was scared that I will not have enough time since school is back and that means I have to work full time too. It does not help that this year I have to teach four different classes, which means I have to do four preparation of lessons. Moreover, I am asked and in charge to create a club for Computer Science, it is crazy that I end up staying late at work almost every day. But I know in my heart I have to keep forward, taking my classes and finishing my master’s is a gift for myself. Whenever I lost my motivation, I think of my daughter and push forward as I want to be her role model. I also look at the program ADL(Applied Digital Learning), and visualize myself finishing the assigned classes.

At the start of the classes, I took the option of two classes for eight weeks, and I decided to do the same for Fall 1 (registered for 5303 and 5313). I was a bit skeptical because some of my classmates decided to take one class only. But with dedication, perseverance, and collaboration with my classmates, I was able to go through it. I put time and effort into all my assigned activities and assignments. I finished all my modules, assignments, and discussions on time, I finished one week ahead of time for the last module so that my classmates will have enough time to read, react, and have a meaningful discussion. I take lead and answer questions during discussions. I shared resources to help my classmates. I was present in all of the online meetings for both classes except for one day when I have to log off early as my husband had car trouble. As Dr. Harapnuiks usually says “Life Happens”.

The methodology of COVA is amazing to me, I believed that it molds me to be a better learner and educator. This approach is very evident in creating significant learning environments for me, as a learner I was given a choice, ownership, and voice through authentic learning opportunities. Carol Dweck and her perception of the growth mindset linger on me to move forward and be a better version of myself.

These classes honed my collaboration skills; I made sure to ask for help and offer help to my classmates. I and my classmates maintained our ADL group Cohort for any questions and inquiries on classes, we also have a group specifically for 5303 and 5313, and of course, I have a small group with that I collaborate most of the time. These groups have been the center of communication and support for my classmates and me. As much as I can, I make sure that I offer help, answer questions, and give feedback and insights whenever it’s needed. I joined and tried to be present and attended collabs, discussions, and zoom meetings.   ln ADL cohort I collaborated with everyone, if somebody has a question, I made sure to answer them. I usually collaborated with Dawn Short, Valary Patterson, Ashleigh Bouveir, Kelly Skillingberg, Patrick Rodriguez, and Adrain Ortiz. For 5313 and 5303, I collaborated with most of all my classmates but primarily I collaborated with Dawn Short, Ashley Bouveir, Kelly Skillingberg, Adrianne Ortiz, Stacey Powell, James and Latammie Rawl as we have the same classes. I help out and collaborate with Tonya Logan, Vallery Patterson and Chris Hill for 5303.

The lists of my classmates with e-portfolio are the ones that we all put comments, offer suggestions and feedforward. Moreover, I am looking forward to Fall 2, I will continue collaborating with my professor and classmates to provide and seek assistance. I will continue working hard, knowing that sacrifices are the beginning of success. I look forward to more learning and collaboration. Lastly, I would like to thank Dr. Harapnuik and Dr. Grogan for providing me with a significant learning experience and freedom towards my authentic learning.


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