My Contribution to my Learning and my Learning Community

EDLD 5304(Leading Organizational Change) – 95/100

EDLD 5317(Resources for Digital Learning) – 95/100

As I continue on my journey for this Master’s program, this is my reflection on my learning and my contributions to my learning environment: I have the same doubt from Fall 1; I was scared that I would not have enough time since school is still ongoing and still have four different classes to prepare. It did not help that before fall 1 ended, I was asked to be an advisor in SKILLS USA, and on the 2nd week of November, the school asked me to coach our UIL(University Interscholastic League) Computer Science team too. It is a lot of juggling into many branches of my role as a teacher and a student. But just like any other course, I have to put time and effort for me into being successful in both courses. Taking my classes and finishing my master’s is a gift for me. Whenever I lose motivation, I think of my daughter and push forward, as I want to be her role model. I also look at the program ADL(Applied Digital Learning) and visualize myself finishing all the assigned classes.

I still challenged myself to take two classes for eight weeks. But with dedication, perseverance, and collaboration with my classmates, I was able to go through it. I put time and effort into all my assigned activities; I finished all my modules, discussions,  and assignments on time, and I made sure to finish one week ahead of time for the last module so that my classmates would have enough time to read, react, and have a meaningful discussion. I take the lead and answer questions during discussions. I shared resources to help my classmates. I was present in all of the online meetings for both classes, I only missed one discussion for 5304 for a questions and answers meeting, but I still made an effort to watch the recorded video, just in case I missed anything.  5317 and 5304 challenged me in great ways! 5304 was hard in the sense that it required a lot of time. I had to devote many hours to reading or listening to audio for the required books.  Hence, 5317 allowed me to showcase my creativity in creating my publication draft and podcast. In every assignment, I have to sit in, visualize, and brainstorm ideas for each project.  The methodology of COVA is amazing to me, and I believe that it molds me to be a better learner and educator. This approach is evident in creating significant learning environments for me. As a learner, I was given a choice, ownership, and voice through authentic learning opportunities. Carol Dweck and her perception of the growth mindset linger on me to move forward and be a better version of myself.

Collaboration is a great key to success in both of my classes, my classmates and I maintained our ADL cohort to share ideas and help each other. We met up and had small meetings of our own. As much as I could, I tried to help out and answer my classmates’ questions and inquiries, and provide feed-forward. For both classes,  I have a small group with that I collaborate most of the time.  These are the amazing people that I usually collaborated with Dawn Short, Valary Patterson, Ashleigh Bouveir, Kelly Skillingberg, Patrick Rodriguez, and Adrain Ortiz.  Sometimes, I collaborate with James and Lattamie Rawls, Leticia Cortez, Veronica Goodly, Stacie Perez, and Stacey Powell. As I have an assigned group for 5317, I also collaborated with them, but the constant members I collaborated with are Leticia Cortez and Michael Cockroft; these two had been my constant commenters and provided me feed-forward, as I did the same thing for them. Moreover, please find the evidence of collaboration with my classmates.

As I move forward with my classes for the spring semester,  I will continue collaborating with my professor and classmates to provide and seek assistance. I will continue working hard, knowing that sacrifices are the beginning of success. 

Lastly, I would like to thank Dr. Still and Dr. Padovan for their support so that I may continue to learn and be a better version of myself. I am excited about my next journey!


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