Contribution to my Learning and my Learning Community

EDLD 5315(Assessing Digital Learning and Instruction) – 95/100

EDLD 5320(Synthesis of Digital Learning and Leadership) – 95/100

This will be my last assignment for my contribution to learning and my learning community. But it is a happy ending because I have touched my classmates’ life as they have mine. This semester was a hectic month regarding my work as my students, and I were competing in SKILLS USA State and University Interscholastic League State; it has occupied most of my time, aside from doing a full fledge teacher. I have my doubts that I won’t finish my work on time, but I push myself harder; it helps that I have received my graduation gown and every time I need motivation, I look at that and continue to move forward; there is no way I will not finish this journey.

Reflecting on my learning and contributions to my learning community in both EDLD 5315 and EDLD 5320, I recognize that I met most of the key and supporting contributions and still have room for growth and improvement. As much as I can, I answer my classmates’ questions or any help I can offer. I finished all my modules, assignments, and discussions on time. I engaged with my classmates’ responses on the discussion board assigned topics. I asked questions and sought help if something was not clear to me. I take the lead and answer questions during discussions. 

I share resources to help my classmates. I was present in all the online meetings for both classes(5315 and 5320), and I tried my best to help out my classmates who missed the class meetings. Please check out my evidence for collaboration.  These classes honed my collaboration skills, and these groups have been the center of communication and support for my classmates and me. As much as I can, I make sure that I offer help, answer questions, and give feedback and insights whenever it’s needed. I joined and tried to be present and attended class meetings. My group and I have an ADL Cohort group, and I mostly collaborated with Dawn Short, Valary Patterson, Patrick Rodriguez, Ashleigh Carter, and Kristen Winzer for 5315. Hence, for 5320, I collaborated with Kristen Winzer, Patrick Rodriguez, and Veronica Goodly. I sometimes collaborate with Adrain Ortiz, Latammie Rawls, and Sarah Elder.

My professional learning and instructional design assignments were the product of the methodology of COVA. It molds me to be a better learner and educator. Overall, I am proud of myself for my contributions and learning community. After this program, I would carry the words of collaboration, assistance, and help. Being a part of this great community has been an honor and privilege.

Lastly, I would like to thank my professors and collaborators who made it possible for me to finish these courses.


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