Connecting and Communicating Ideas

This course has been a great journey; it has given me a new perspective on what Professional Learning (PL) should be and the strategies to design an effective one. This course has given me the tools I needed to develop a prototype example of what a “go-and-show” model of professional learning could look like. Gulamhussein(2013)  shared the five key principles of effective professional learning; using those strategies, I developed professional learning that I can use to help my colleagues.

And this is my journey…

The first step in my professional learning plan was to create a call-to-action video. Read about my why, watch my what, and learn about the how for this plan.

The next step was I develop the full outline of my PL plan. This plan addresses the 5 Principles of Professional Learning. It also showcases who my audience is and their needs. I also discuss how I will foster collaboration, effective modeling, and self-directed learning, who the leaders of each section will be, and the schedule of my planned Professional Learning.

Lastly, I have put together professional learning that will benefit my co-teachers. I’ve learned that PL should not only support educators in its beginning stages but throughout the implementation process as they learn new teaching methodologies and learning skills. With that in mind, please check out my professional learning presentation, “Teachers TOOLBOX 101 “.

I know my journey has just started, and I will continue enhancing my professional learning for my incoming professional learning sessions. I am hopeful that my admin and my instructional coaches will support me in helping my co-teachers with knowledge and strategies that can be added to my co-teachers’ toolboxes.


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