Assessing Digital Learning and Instruction

2022-2023 is the first school year my district offers computer science classes at the high school. My innovation plan is to use strategies to promote the success of computer science classes. In this action research, I narrowed down my focus on how project-based learning contributes to successful computer science classes.  By following Mertler’s four steps of the action research process (Planning, Acting, Developing, and Reflecting stages), I have created my action research plan.

And here is my journey….


The first step in developing my action research plan was to create an initial outline for the success of my innovation plan. Here, you will find the initial phase of my intended action plan research.


Next, I expanded my initial literature review to include resources and data related to my research question. I have collected forty educational materials based on my research question. It is imperative to find academic data to support my research.


Finally, I created and developed my action research plan.  I hoped it would support my innovation and improve my educational practice.


There is no way I will be able to make it on my own, I am thankful for my peers’ support, and It has been a wonderful experience. Please find how I collaborated with my classmates and contributed to my learning and learning community.