Applying Education Technology : Portfolio

When I started my Digital Learning journey, I was hesitant if I will be able to do it, when I started my class on EDL 5302 (Concepts of Educational Technology), I started learning how to create an E-Portfolio, It was a nerve breaking and exciting at the same time. The  EDLD 5303(Applying Educational Technology) gave me the freedom to express myself. Dr. Harapnuik provides me with a choice to decide on my portfolio, he let me express my own voice, be authentic, and most importantly own my learning(COVA). The COVA method gave me freedom and responsibility at the same time.  Dr. Harapnuik guided me more with additional learning for me and my classmates to be successful.

Below are the instructional guides that supported me throughout the course: 

  • the COVA book
  • online resources
  • weekly Zoom meetings with Dr. Harapnuik
  • weekly blog post prompts
  • weekly discussion board prompts

But most importantly, my collaboration skills are enhanced as I continue collaborating with my classmates. Please find my below compilation to wrap up this class.

Throughout the course, Dr. Harapnuik motivate me and my classmates to express

ourselves through blogging, He encourage us to express ourselves and our ideas.

Please read my blog about Who owns my Portfolio and my other blogs! Enjoy


Please take a look at my Innovation Plan, it is still an ongoing Plan, ideally, it was to

be done in two years. But I am sure that there will be a hiccup, changes, and

challenges. Nonetheless, regardless of the challenges, I will keep on going as I see

myself as an agent of change.

The power of the YET concept is huge to me, as we all know that as part of

Computer Science classes, coding is a part of it and most of the students are scared

of the idea of not learning.  I know talking about a growth mindset, and modeling it

is still not going to be enough, but with the consistency of embracing mistakes as a

part of the learning process and with the consistency of creating a significant

learning environment. Please find my thoughts Initial growth mindset and my

revisited growth mindset. I will continue my growth mindset as I continue my

journey in Digital Learning.

What If… What if I could be an agent to make our students enroll in Computer Science classes? 

What if I can build up student

strategies to attract students to be a part of the Computer Science classes?

 What if I can influence my fellow teachers to use my strategies?

I would like to use create a significant learning environment for my students and I

would like them to express themselves, I  would like for them to experience the

methodology of COVA and CSLE.

Please find my learning manifesto, I will model and be an influencer to my fellow teachers.

Lastly, I am beyond excited and curious about my next journey in digital learning, as learning is never-ending.