Common Sense and Six Influencers

We are all born with common sense, people always expect you to do things because the reasoning is you have common sense. But if we are trying to change an infrastructure that has been built for a long time, we need more than that, we need to gather facts, data, and studies to prove a point.

Knowing and understanding the six influencers is not enough, We need to put in the plan and in action, it will be an ultimate guide towards changes as we are trying to influence are influencers in the school a.k.a. admins. My innovation plan is to have a successful computer science with the use of student engagement activities such as blended learning, flipped classrooms, and project-based learning. I did my research and studied student engagement works on student motivation. that it works. It is ongoing right now, I am in the process of gathering data, to prove to my admins that it works. With that being said, I can wait to influence my influencers.

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