Who owns the work?

It was amazing to be a part of the program that advocates freedom to choose, show your own voice and be authentic in creating an E-portfolio, for me, it gives me a sense of ownership because I know this is mine. And because this is mine, I am responsible for designing the website and choosing the content of my website. Since I am only beginning to create my own e-portfolio, I am very excited about the journey that I am taking. I know it is not a perfect and straight path. But as someone who tries to have a growth mindset, I am sure that my e-portfolio will evolve as I continue my learning,

Creating significant learning environments (CSLE) is what I would like to offer to my students. I want them to experience authentic learning and not be afraid of any errors or mistakes. I would for my students to experience the COVA(Choice, Ownership, Voice, and Authenticity) methodology. Because the experience of learning is more important than being worried about being perfect.


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