Why E-portfolio?

Why e-portfolio?

What is the benefit of an e-portfolio?

As technology evolves every day, opportunities, and creating an e-portfolio is a tools that we can use in different aspects. An E-portfolio can showcase any information that can benefit a specific group. One can use it for business, showcasing products and services. One can use it as an information barrier for an educator, it can contain information and suggestions for teaching. One can use it to express themselves or it can be a collection of all digital works. It is amazing how an e-portfolio can be used in different ways.

I think regardless of what is the reason for creating an e-portfolio, the most important thing is that it showcases owner choice, ownership, voice, and authenticity. Creating an e-portfolio should be a reflection of yourself.

As soon as you found your own Voice and the reason WHY? IT IS TIME TO CREATE YOUR OWN!

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One thought on “Why E-portfolio?

  1. Great post. I now view the e-portfolio as a journal. I plan on keeping up with the e-portfolio after the course. It will be interesting to see the website design and thinking will change over time.

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