Progressive Education

It is so ironic that even in the 1940’s we are using the term Progressive Education, we have seen the clip stating how Johnny learned his classes just like his father and his grandfather and it is through “endless bashful drill” with the expectation that he will retain every lesson in his brain. It is sad to see that until this era we have educators that are still doing old-school teaching despite all the available technologies. It is the same scenario in the blog People who like this stuff… like this stuff, some people do not want to deal with changes.

It is sad to admit that some of my fellow co-educator do not want to utilize the learning management of the school, it is a readily available commodity to help our students with learning. There are personal developments for technology that my district has provided but not everybody participated. Continuous support from the admin and more time to learn the tech tools and apps during personal development days will also help teachers and para-professionals too. Hopefully one day, we will have time and courage to learn and embrace the innovations.

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