Communication as a Path to Innovation

As a Technology Teacher, I tried new digital tools that I can incorporate into my class like classroom screen, nearpod, and canva. I also make sure that all the lessons and assignments are uploaded to the learning management system, just to make sure that it is available for my students anytime they want to check or work on the class. I also like my students to do some authentic work with their assignments and projects, I always tell them to create their projects based on their chosen topic.

Communication is very vital in any organization whether it’s at work or personal. Clear communication is a bridge that will put people on the same path and understanding. Hence, communication is not advisable as we don’t want anyone to fill in the missing gap of information by assuming or guessing. Not being on the same page will surely result in misunderstanding and may result in misinformation, and it can be chaotic for the people that are involved.

Constant communication leads to a better relationship, consistent feedback, and member collaborations; this will result in sharing of different ideas that will result in an effective and successful organization. Dissemination of information promptly, whether digitally, paper-based, or in person is equally important.

One of the reasons that I enrolled in the ADL Program is to further enhance my technology skills. That I may be the agent of change and model for my students and my communities. I am looking forward to more knowledge for innovations.


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